₹200-crore pet food facility coming up in Telangana’s Zaheerabad

Processed food products and agro commodities exporter Allana Group is setting up a pet-food manufacturing facility with an investment of ₹200 crore near Zaheerabad.

The 10 tonne/hour plant, to make meat-based products for pets, will be operational in a couple of weeks. It will be Asia’s largest such facility, the company said in a release on launch of protein-rich dried dog food products for the domestic market under the ‘Bowlers’ brand.

“The facility’s expansive production capacity will position India as a significant player in the international and domestic pet food market,” it said.

Allana Pet Food Solutions CEO Raghavendra Rao said, “The substantial investment in Asia’s most advanced pet food facility serves as a testament to our belief in India’s prospective ascendancy as a global frontrunner in the realm of pet nutrition.” The company is a leading exporter of pet foods, catering to over 80 countries across the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

The company said the plant is expected to generate numerous employment opportunities and foster growth of related industries in the region.

By hadem