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We cannot confirm or deny that Purina pet foods are currently experiencing a problem, only Purina or the FDA has the knowledge and/or authority to do that.

We can report that numerous pet owner complaints of sick and dying pets have been publicly shared over recent weeks. has heard from one pet owner who has multiple sick pets linked to Purina pet foods (who is also having the food tested), and our local pet store shared today (1/4/24) that they have also heard from numerous pet owners reporting sick pets linked to Purina pet foods.

Today (1/4/24) we sent the FDA this message:

I would guess the FDA/CVM is aware, but social media is exploding with reports of sick and dead pets linked to Purina pet foods. One website is reporting they have received “82 dogs, and 14 cats” reports of sick pets with “10” deaths.

Can you provide me with how many adverse event reports FDA/CVM has received on any Purina pet food since 12/1/23?

Can you tell me if FDA/CVM is currently or planning to investigate these issues?

Thanks –
Susan Thixton

Added after original post: FDA responded to my questions providing the following information…

FDA is aware of reports of pet illnesses and is in the process of evaluating those reports.

We encourage pet owners or their veterinarians to submit reports of illness or other adverse events associated with pet food directly to FDA by following the instructions on this page: How to Report a Pet Food Complaint.

All pet illness and death reports need to be reported to the FDA.

If your pet is sick or dead you believe is linked to ANY pet food, a report should be submitted to the FDA and/or your state feed official. For more information on who and how to report the incident, Click Here.

Unfortunately, Purina does not have the best record at cooperating with FDA investigations (which can make an FDA investigation much more difficult). Back in 2012 there were numerous consumer complaints regarding Purina Beneful pet food. In an FDA disclosure post, the agency stated “During 2012, CVM received approximately three consumer complaints per month associated with Nestle Purina Beneful dry dog ​​food. In January 2013, CVM received a surge of consumer complaints that occurred after a media report implicated Beneful dry dog ​​food as a potentially harmful dog food product.”

Linked to these consumer complaints the FDA investigated three Purina plants, however Purina was less than cooperative with the agency investigation. The FDA investigation of an Arizona Purina plant, Purina allowed FDA to “view records, but not obtain copies of records unless approved by the firm’s legal counsel.”

During the same inspection, Purina told the FDA they performed “routine contamination analysis“of ingredients,”but would not describe this analysis since the method is classified at the firm as proprietary information.”

As well,”Per a refusal from Nestle Purina, the manufacturing facility was unable to provide the actual content or weights of individual ingredients that went into the implicated lots…

During another FDA inspection of Purina Pet Food at this time, the FDA reported:

The firm was in direct and constant contact with the Purina corporate Regulatory Affairs office in St. Louis, MO during this inspection.”

To Purina: Consumer reports are indicating there is some issue with some of your foods. We encourage Purina to be fully transparent with any FDA investigation and not repeat the lack of transparency issues of the past.

Resources for concerned pet owners: The Facebook group Saving One Pet @ A Time is documenting all the complaints they receive. This is a members only group, but any concerned pet owner can join and follow the reports posted.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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