Downtown Boise pet store named ‘retailer of the year’ in digital magazine

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A Downtown Boise pet store was named this year’s Retailer of the Year by Pet Health & Nutrition Advocate in Pet Product News International.

Molly’s Healthy Pet Food Market, which was featured in the digital magazine earlier this month, opened at 817 W Idaho Street in 2018 to help pet owners provide the most nutritious food and products to their pets.

The store is owned by Katie Berger and named after her dog Molly.

“It was such an honor to be distinguished by the pet industry for our work and passion in keeping pets healthy,” Berger said. Berger says she has been an advocate for pet health & nutrition for 20 years starting with her first job at a locally owned pet store.

Raw & fresh food selection

“Fresh feeding is what is truly biologically appropriate for dogs and cats, and we embrace that at Molly’s,” Berger said. “Customers are welcome to supplement their pet’s normal diet or feed 100% fresh. Our philosophy is that even 10% fresh is better than zero. After all, no species was designed to eat a 100% processed diet for their entire lives.”

Molly’s has an entire room dedicated to fresh food products. According to Berger, the store has the largest selection of fresh food in the state of Idaho offering a wide variety of raw, freshly cooked, freeze-dried, or dehydrated foods.

“I think as more and more people are assessing their own diets and making healthier life choices, they are also starting to realize that feeding a highly processed, synthetically supplemented diet to their dogs and cats for life cannot possibly be as healthy as the pet food industry claims,” Berger said.

Berger says they also carry products to help meet different needs, including kidney disease, allergies, or pets needing low-carbohydrate foods.

“A store dedicated to helping people and their pets feed the healthiest diets possible within their financial means,” Berger said. “Our motto is Eat better, Live better, and we strive to help customers understand why their dogs and cats may have dietary health problems and how simple changes in diet may improve their lives.”

In addition to visiting Molly’s to learn more about its raw and fresh food section, there are other ways to purchase products.

“We also want to make feeding healthier food available to as many people as we can throughout the Treasure Valley. We know getting downtown can be time-consuming,” Berger said.

Molly’s is now offering free same-day and next-day delivery to several cities including Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, Eagle, & Star. Molly’s also offers low-cost delivery to Caldwell.

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