Galt dogs have their day at low-income pet clinic | News

Galt dog owners flocked to Harvey Park on Sunday, March 25 for the Bradshaw Animal Shelter’s Free Vaccine, Microchipping, and Wellness Clinic, which offers low income and unsheltered Sacramento County residents access to veterinary services.

The line of pet owners wrapped around the park as the Bradshaw Animal Assistance Team, referred to as BAAT, and other volunteers helped provide services to more than 300 dogs.

The dog-only clinic required no pre-registration or proof of income and offered dogs free vaccines, microchipping, deworming, and flea prevention in addition to minor medical treatment, new dog collars and ID tags.

Volunteer Program Coordinator Celeste Ingrid said the goal was to make health and wellness services more accessible to owners without much money.

“There was a need here [in Galt] for these services especially for low income and homeless pet owners,” Ingrid said. “We haven’t been here since 2020. We are here to support our community.”

Galt resident Wendy Oliver and her two basset hounds Daisy May and Rosy Blue, were among the many pet owners waiting in line to receive services from BAAT. Oliver said this was his first time attending a mobile clinic like this.

“This year we just can’t afford all of it,” Oliver said. “[The price of] veterinary services skyrocketed this year, so we are going to get whatever we can get done for them today. We need more things like this in Galt.”

Dog 01

Daisy May and Rosy Blue as they stand in line with owner Wendy Oliver at the free health and wellness clinic at Harvey Park in Galt on March 26, 2023.

Volunteers laid out bright new dog collars they said the shelter purchased for the event along with free pet food, sweaters and toys that people donated.

Alex Duncan said she volunteers regularly alongside her mom for events like this.

“It’s a mother-daughter kind of thing,” Duncan said. “We have a love for animals, we always have. It’s been two years since we’ve been [in Galt] and it’s even bigger than usual this year because we haven’t been here in so long.”

Duncan said the mobile clinic is important in helping owners stay up to date with their dog’s health. According to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter website, more than 1,000 dogs were brought into the shelter in January and February combined this year.

Dog 02

Volunteers lay out bright new pet collars, courtesy of Bradshaw Animal Shelter for animals who need them on Sunday March, 26 at Harvey Park in Galt.

Patty Carver, a Galt resident, said her dog Charlie is a new addition to her family. She said the mobile clinic is very helpful to the Galt community.

“I took him about three weeks ago,” Carver said of Charlie. “This guy was homeless, but he’s really well behaved. I’m on a fixed income so I think this clinic is a great thing. Galt really takes care of us.”

Luna Anona, a spokesperson for Bradshaw Animal Shelter, said that offering free basic needs services through this mobile clinic is something they hope to continue doing for Sacramento County pet owners as veterinary costs increase.

“It is a really hard time right now for people and so unfortunately animals suffer,” Anona said. “The cost of living is going up and the cost of veterinary services has also increased as well. Having more accessibility to these services is something we hope to be able to provide in a capacity that we can.”

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