Keep an eye on your animals during the solar eclipse

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – The total solar eclipse is almost a week away. The South Plains will experience between 85 to 95 percent of that total.

Tonight, experts are warning that the eclipse could affect animal behavior and become a risk to their safety.

“They’ve done a lot of studies back in 2017 when we had an eclipse at some of the zoos in America and some of the animals were affected by it,” Director of Lubbock Animal Services, Steven Greene, said.

On April 8th, the moon will pass between the sun and the Earth, creating a total solar eclipse across much of the United States. When the moon’s shadow grazes the central US, some parts of the South Plains will dim more than others and some animals may get confused.

“Some of them will go into their nighttime behaviors like they’re getting ready for bed,” Greene said.

In Lubbock, the eclipse will cover almost 90% of the sun.

Greene says you don’t need to worry about your inner animal.

“Cats and dogs have gotten so accustomed to artificial light that living in homes they are not as affected as some of the wildlife,” Greene said.

But the lack of light may wake up those creatures of the night, even with just a few minutes of partial sun.

“You could see a little more of those nocturnal animals in your neighborhood. I would just say be extra vigilant and keep those animals in a safe area. If they’re cats or dogs, try to keep them in the house.”

Keep an eye on outside animals.

“If you have horses or cattle maybe make sure they’re not rampaging or running through the fences and just kind of keep everything safe and contained.”

Many scientists are studying and observing the Great American Eclipse of 2024 and how celestial events affect animals are still up in the air.

“If you see anything strange, give us a call. We will be here in full force that day and we’re ready for whatever may come,” Greene said.

And although it would look cool, you can skip the special eclipse lenses for your furry friends, Greene says, they don’t tend to look right at the sun.

By hadem