Project Dog Foster encourages people to foster pets in San Diego

There are a record number of animals up for adoption in San Diego. Several shelters and rescues are taking part in Project Dog Foster.

SAN DIEGO — There are so many dogs in need of homes in San Diego that several shelters and rescues are teaming up to encourage people to foster these pets.

It’s called Project Dog Foster. Six local organizations are joining forces to find foster homes for dogs. They’re looking for people to help out, even if it’s just for a short period of time.

“Dogs are social, they want to be with their families, they want to be a part of something,” said Nina Thompson of the San Diego Humane Society. “For a dog to sit in a kennel for 23 hours a day, for more than a year that’s devastating.”

“We’re asking the community now in April, before the summer months, where we know it’s going to get busier, to make sure these dogs get a break,” she said.

According to Project Dog Foster, among the six organizations (City of Chula Vista Animal Services, Frosted Faces Foundation, PAWS of Coronado, Rancho Coastal Humane Society, San Diego County Department of Animal Services and San Diego Humane Society) there are 1,100 dogs that could benefit from a break from living in the shelter. The most urgent need is for medium to large dogs, many of whom are experiencing kennel stress after more than six months in care.

There is no financial burden on foster parents, according to Project Dog Foster. Whichever shelter you foster from will provide food, supplies and medical care.

Animals looking for foster homes

According to SDHS’s website:

  • Dogs: adult dogs, often with medical or behavior plans. We occasionally have small dogs looking for placement, but our greatest needs are for large dog fosters. (Check out our adoptable pets page for an idea of ​​the types of dogs we have in care.)

  • Cats: adult cats, mama cats with kits.

  • Kittens: litters of kittens (2-4 per litter). Our greatest need for kitten fosters is from March to November, and we occasionally have kittens from December to February.

  • Small pets: all types, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and more!

Requirements to foster a pet

  • The main volunteer for the family must be at least 18 years old (have this person complete the application). Under 18 but want to get involved? Check out the Humane Society’s Youth Services page!
  • Reliable transportation for transporting animal(s) to vet appointments or evacuating them in case of an emergency.
  • Must reside in San Diego County. Foster pets must not be taken outside of San Diego County.
  • A schedule that allows you to meet the needs of foster animals in your care. There are many options for various schedules!
  • Completion of online training prior to fostering your first pet.
  • The first foster assignment is always our trial assignment to determine if we are the right foster fit for you. This is why our commitment is to just one foster animal! If all goes well, we hope you will foster again and again to help these animals in need.

See who is up for adoption:

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